In Alternative Sentencing, the participant is fitted with an electronic device or ankle bracelet. Electronic monitoring may be court-issued or the defendant may have to apply for it independent of the court with the help of a skilled attorney.

The participant may attend necessary functions such as school, work, church, and other activities approved by the program's administrator. Electronic monitoring, house arrest, or home detention are types of alternative sentencing that limit and/or monitor the defendant's mobility. The ankle bracelet monitors the whereabouts of the participant at all times.

Experienced in electronic monitoring, we can arrange to fit you with a GPS equipped ankle bracelet and tailored monitoring program that will comply with the court requirements.

Regardless if the individual is indoors or outdoors we provide an electronic monitoring solution leveraging dual GPS and assisted GPS tracking to provide unparalleled visibility into an individual's location and activities. The result is a dramatically improved success rate for a wide range of electronic monitoring programs.