Rate Filing: We are one of the few bail bond agencies that is authorized to offer an 8% rate in addition to the general rate of 10%. Our 8% rate is given to any client who is actively enrolled in a union, government employee (city, county, state, federal), or has retained private counsel (Attorney) for the case. Bail Insurance companies (Sureties) are required to file premium rates with the Department of Insurance.

Ten Percent Rate: 10% of Bail Amount. A minimum charge of $50.00 of on bonds under $499.99

Eight Percent Rate: 8% of Bail Amount. • Private Counsel –A letter from retained counsel must be executed within five days of bond execution date 99 • Union Members – Must show proof of active enrollment in a union or receiving disability or retirement benefits. 00 of on bonds under $499. A minimum charge of $50. Or Federal government • Government Employee – Must show proof of employment from City, State, County.